OpenPGP courses and lobbying – list of national projects


What this is about

I started the project in Germany because I wanted to help increase the OpenPGP user base. Increase it dramatically. Would not make a big difference to get from 20,000 (just a wild guess) users in Germany to 50,000. We need millions. Everyone needs crypto (not to the same extent, though) – that is my firm conviction. We make our high-tech societies vulnerable if we don't get a real change within the next years. You cannot defend against the bad guys without crypto. And crypto software is more or less useless if you don't know anything about the subject.

This page has mainly been created so that there is something in English to link to for explaining what I do to people who don't understand German. It may offer more in the future, see below.

OpenPGP comprehension test

The first real content on this site: The English translation of my OpenPGP comprehension test

What is being done in Germany

  1. free courses

    Since autumn 2012 I have been giving free courses about using OpenPGP at the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG).

  2. improving the courses

    Of course, I have learnt a lot about such courses. Probably more than the participants learnt about crypto... Thus I have been improving the concept and material all the time. Now, half a year later, this is far from being finished.

  3. share the experience

    I explain my experiences with my courses on that web site so that it becomes easier for others to give similar courses. Furthermore I share my documents and the software I wrote (mainly a script for fast generation of high quality keys).

  4. motivate others

    I contact IT related groups all over Germany and try to find people there who are interested in creating a permanent course offering.

  5. list the courses

    I have a list on the site of the organizations which I know of that they offer such courses. Currently two (including me). Not much for an 80 million people country but everything(?) starts small.

  6. make a plan

    I have developed a plan how to proceed beyond what I already mentioned.

What is going to happen on this site?

  1. I am going to offer help for similar projects e.g. by translating my work.

  2. I will list all other projects I know about. In addition (or rather: as substitute) I will probably list good OpenPGP resources for beginners and advanced users.

So if you are interested in doing something similar in your country then feel free to contact me.

What's already there

  1. Germany:

I have written several articles for the KDE userbase wiki which are all available in English, too:

Even though it is currently in German only my bash script for the simple generation of high quality keys and the list of commands (German again...) which explains the core actions of the script may be useful for some.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor's proposal for OpenPGP Best Practices may be interesting, too.