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OpenPGP comprehension test

This is the English version. The original version of this test is in German.

It is useful to know how much knowlege about OpenPGP you have. The following questions shall help you assess that.

This is not about the handling of certain applications but about the abstract understanding of the operations. If you have understood the general principle then you will be able to handle all programs; but you can (seem to) achieve the desired result in a certain application without having any clue about what you are doing there.

It is not only important to understand the system OpenPGP (or whatever) but also to be aware of the limits of this technology. Only if you are aware of the borders you get cautious when approaching them.

rule of thumb

The overall security results to about

This collection of questions will probably be improved over time.

If you "fail" this test?

Of course, you can use OpenPGP if you cannot answer all of these questions, too. But you should be aware of it that this usage is on the level of playing around. The aim should be to use this technology regularly and understand its background by that and by learning and thus become ready for serious usage. You may repeat this test after same time.

There is a detailed explanation for every question.